Tuesday, May 24

Track:   The following track athletes are missing uniforms and they need to be turned in by TODAY!Lehi Murray  &    Jose Vega      
Summer Sports Camps:   There are forms on the blue cart in the lunchroom  if you plan to attend the Iroquois West Basketball or Soccer Camps this Summer.   DEADLINES ARE QUICKLY APPROACHING 

VBS and Summer in the Park:  Forms are on the blue cart in the lunchroom if you plan to attend.  Pick one up and check it out! 

Yearbook Forms:   Money and order forms can still be turned in by TOMORROW (May 24), or your parents can order a yearbook online.   There are extra forms in the office.  

Student Council Shirts:  Please note that the student council shirts are in.  You will get them at the end of the day. 

7th Grade:  Go to the gym at 8:30am.  

Happy Birthday:  Happy Birthday to all students who have summer birthdays!!!

Fact of the Day:  We hope you enjoy your summer!!!  Just remember that we 2,207 hours and 39 minutes until we resume school.  Enjoy all 2,207 of those!!!

Band7/8 Band6th Band7/8 Band6th Band7/8 Chorus
Chorus6th Chorus7/8 Chorus6th Chorus7/8 Chorus6th Band 

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