Announcements 5-19-2023

Freshman thru Juniors, finals sign out forms are due today in the office.

If you borrowed any chromebooks and chargers , those must be turned in as well. Again all sign out forms, Chromebooks, Chargers and class books must be turned in by your last day of school.

Math team members – There will be a meeting Friday during homeroom in the cafeteria. Awards will be passed out at this meeting, so please make sure you are in attendance!

Music graduation rehearsal students will be leaving today at 12:30.  Teachers please have students that have 5B lunch release early from your 5A class for them to be able to get lunch before leaving for rehearsal. 

There will be a basketball cheer meeting during homeroom today in the small gym.

Joke of the Day: Why are oak trees so forgiving? Every May they “turn over a new leaf”.

Random Fact of the Day: The nail of your middle finger grows the fastest and your thumb grows the slowest.

Red Beans

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