Friday, April 29

Track:  No Practice or Meet Tonight       Monday:  Twin County Conference Track Meet at Watseka  3:00 pm.   Bus Time:  1:30 pm.    
Cheerleading:  The first practice to prepare for upcoming try-outs will be Wednesday May 4 from 5:30 – 7:30 pm in the IWMS gym.  
Student Council: Please bring in your pop tabs! Continue to bring in pop tabs to reach your goal of 2 pounds and earn some backyard games!  Current update: 7th grade is in the lead with 7 pounds 14 oz. 6th has 6 pounds 6 oz. 8th has 2 pounds 4 oz. 

Art Club:  8th grade art club will meet on Tuesday to work on your mural, May 3 until 4:30pm.

Jazz Band: Reminder  that jazz band will meet on Tuesday and Friday this week! Contest is Friday so be working on your music!  

Music:  Today is our Organizational contest!  We will be leaving school at 3:00pm.  Musicians will be dismissed from class at 2:40 pm to get ready.  Your parents may sign you out once the concert band finishes at 6:15pm. Jazz band students will need to stay until after their performance which is scheduled for 7:30pm. Dress is white shirt, black pants, and black shoes. You MUST be eligible to attend the contest. This is part of your 4th quarter assessment so be aware of the expectations.  

Tuesday, May 3rd is our final awards concert for the year! Call time is 6:30pm with white shirts, black pants, and black shoes! Concert starts at 7. Be on time and be prepared. Refreshments will be served after our final concert. If you have any questions, please speak to Mrs.Pendry or Ms. Gill. 

Happy Birthday:  Happy Birthday Sunday to Amelia Scharp!!!

Fact of the DayThe Spangler Candy Company chose to name their famous lollipops “Dum Dums” because it was a word that was easy for any kid to say.

Lunch For Today:   Pizza, Lettuce, Oranges, Candy Cookie, & Milk

Music Schedule:  

Band7/8 Band6th Band7/8 Band6th Band6 Chorus
Chorus6th Chorus7/8 Chorus6th Chorus7/8 Chorus7/8 Band

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