Wednesday, April 27

Scholastic Bowl:  Tonight:  IESA Regional Tournament at Cissna Park.   7th and 8th grader team members please check your email this morning. Bus time:  3:05 pm.   Participants will be dismissed from class at 3:00 pm.   We will have matches at 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00 pm!   Good Luck Raiders!   
Track:   Today:  The meet scheduled at Tri-Point was canceled, so there will be practice today after school until 5:00 pm at the Nexus Track.   
Student Council: Please bring in your pop tabs! Continue to bring in pop tabs to reach your goal of 2 pounds and earn some backyard games!   6th grade is now in the lead with 4 pounds, 14 oz!

Art Club:  8th grade art club will meet on Tuesday to work on your mural, May 3 until 4:30pm.

Bathrooms by Gym:  Will not be open until further notice.  Please use the bathrooms by the library during this time.  If you need to use the restrooms during PE, the front locker room restrooms will be used with permission from Ms. Milkowski or Mr. Schunke.  

Jazz Band: Reminder  that jazz band will meet on Tuesday and Friday this week! Contest is Friday so be working on your music!  

⅞ Grade Choir: Reminder that we will have a practice at 7:30 tomorrow (Thursday April 28th) to get ready for contest! Miss Gill will bring donuts!

Music:  This coming Friday, April 29th is our Organizational contest.  We will be leaving school at 3:00pm.  Musicians will be dismissed from class at 2:40 pm on Friday to get ready.  Your parents may sign you out once the concert band finishes at 6:15pm. Jazz band students will need to stay until after their performance which is scheduled for 7:30pm. Dress is white shirt, black pants, and black shoes. You MUST be eligible to attend the contest. This is part of your 4th quarter assessment so be aware of the expectations.  

  Fact of the Day:  At the Poisoned Garden of Alnwick Castle in England, many of the plants are so deadly that they are grown in cages.  

Lunch For Today:  Spaghetti, Broccoli, Garlic Bread, Pineapple, & Milk

Thursday – Hot Ham & Cheese on Bun, Carrots & Celery, Apples, Pretzels, & Milk

Friday – Pizza, Lettuce, Oranges, Candy Cookie, & Milk

Music Schedule:  

Band7/8 Band6th Band7/8 Band6th Band6 Chorus
Chorus6th Chorus7/8 Chorus6th Chorus7/8 Chorus7/8 Band

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