Thursday, January 27

Cheerleading:  None  
Boys’ Basketball: No 8th Grade practice today (off-day).    6th/7th graders:  please turn in WASHED uniforms, warm-up jerseys, and practice jerseys to Mr. Kimmel or Coach Sheehan ASAP.  All 4 items are needed! 
Wrestling:  Practice from 4:00 – 5:30 pm.   Then support the HS wrestlers at Senior Night if you can! 
Girls’ Volleyball:  Pictures after school with Kathy Northcott from 3:30 – 4:15 pm.  Players:  please change right after school.   Then there will be 6th, 7th, and 8th grade games Vs. Watseka starting at 4:30 pm!    
Art Club:   Next Tuesday will be 7th Grade!   
Scholastic Bowl:  Practice TODAY after school.  Make sure that you arrange to have someone pick you up when we are done at 4:30 pm! 
Campus Life:  Monday night from 6:30 -8:00 pm at the Garage!  Come check it out!

IWYBSL Registration 2022:  Please go the following link if you are interested in participating in the youth baseball/softball league for this summer:

Valentine Day Cards:  Students, remember that Valentine’s Day cards for Seniors are due to Mr. Kimmel by Friday! You can work on these in Advisory today or tomorrow  if you choose!  Remember, this will count as a Raider Recipe qualification for 3rd Quarter!    Thank you to those who have already turned one in…very well done!  

Dartball League:  We apologize for the weather and it is a bummer that we cannot go outside for recess.  However, we will fire up a Dartball League next week.  If you are interested in playing (there are 9 on a team) please sign up today in the lunchroom.  If you have no idea what Dartball is, Google it. 

Jazz Band:  No jazz band until next week.   

Fact of the Day:  Dartball is a competitive game that is played on a 4X4 sheet of plywood.  Two teams of 9 compete by throwing small darts at the board.  The board is decorated with strikes, balls, foul balls, hits, outs, double plays, and even a homerun.  Ghost runners simulate play on the bases and the team with the most runs after 6 innings are deemed the winner.  It was a game invented by Lutherans.  

Happy Birthday:  

Lunch For Today:  Beef Tater Bake, Carrots, Pears, Dinner Roll, Fruit Snack, and Milk

Friday – Walking Tacos with Doritos, Refried Beans, Cuties, Cinnamon Goldfish, and Milk

Music Schedule:  

Band7/8 Band6th Band7/8 Band6th Band7/8 Band
Chorus6th Chorus7/8 Chorus6th Chorus7/8 Chorus6th Chorus

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